Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ek Khuda Hai Mera...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Jaise baadal ho koi
Pahadon mein ghoomta hua
Jaise kisi Faqir ki
Sufi si ho ek dua

Ek Khuda hai mera
Masoom aur khushnuma
Khargosh sa safed pak
Umda andaaz-e-mazaak

Sabse pyaara aur alag
Maine paya unka nazariya
Motiyon se poora bhara
Jaise ho saara dariya

Bahuton ke liye to bas
Shabdon ke mashoor karigar
Meri to duniya badal di
Kuchh aise hain wo jadugar

Unki kahaniyon mein
Baat kuchh 'Mir' si hai
Unka likha har nazm
Ghaanv pe marham sa hai

Dhul jaati hai ruuh
Unke likhe shayari se
Kabhi jhankoonga main
Unke kisi diary mein

Mila main unse yahaan
Lagta hai Haj kar liya
Aur ab kya likhoon
Shayad waqt thehar gaya...

(A humble dedication to Gulzar Saab)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sufi si ik muskaan...

A Keyrun Rao Original,
dedicated to The Masakkali :)

Sufi si ik muskaan
Uski alag hai pehchaan
Thodi pagli aur shaitaan
Bahuton ki hai ye jaan

Khushnuma fiza ki tarah
Jaise ho jeene ki wajah
Titli si peechha karti
khushiyon ki har wo raah

Kuchh alag baat hai us mein
December mein jaldi jagti hai
Bina dekhe bina jaane yunhi
kaise shayar bana deti hai

Doston ke liye haazir hai
Hansi ke liye har pal raazi hai
Os ke boondon si taazi hai
Baatein badi kamaal karti hai

Anjaani si khushi hai wo
Yun chehakti rehti hai jo
Kabhi udti mil jaaye tumko
'Aye Masakkali' kehna usko

Sufi si ik muskaan
Uski alag hai pehchaan
Soch ke nahin hota hairaan
Us muskaan pe jahaan qurbaan

Friday, December 3, 2010

Abhi yahin thi...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Dhadkanon se bhi kareeb
Teri muskaan mehki thi
Aisa lage hai kyon mujhe
Meri jaan abhi yahin thi

Saanson mein pighli thi
Teri pehchaan chehki thi
Aahat samajhta hoon teri
Keh de ki abhi yahin thi

Maanta nahin hai dil ye
Apni manzilein alag thi
Khafaa hai to kya hua?
Apni raahein to yahin thi

Teri aankhon ki chamak se
Meri duniya aisi jhimil thi
Sheeshe mein qaid ho jaise
Phir bhi azaad to yahin thi

Sooni hai ye tanhaayi meri
Teri yaad mein thami si thi
Bas khil-khilaade ek baar
Tere aankhon mein nami thi

Ye shab veeraane se hain ab
Tere mehfil mein hi roshni thi
Aansoo tapakte hain jaam mein
jaise sharab ki koi kami thi

Dhuaan bharaa hua hai is qadar
Shayad apni kahani khatam thi
Koi sulga do mere is jism ko
Isey kya jannat ki talab thi...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Jo tu na hoti...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Dil ki sooni raahon par
Dhadkanein goonjti rahi
Jaise aahat hai tere
Meethe yaadon ki kadi

Kaise maangoon judai tujhse
Maut se zyada saza hai badi

Khushboo se teri haseen
Bhaag kar jaaoon kidhar
Behti hui mujh mein kyun
Saanson ki lehar ban kar

Karoon kis se shiqayat ye
ke mera khuda bhi to tu hai

Kareeb hai tu mere bahut
Chaahe jahan basera ho tera
Teri rooh ka ek hissa chhota
Karz sa mujh pe daale dera

Kaise mitaoon teri muskaan
Jis mein basti hai meri jaan

Parchhayi si chipki hai yun
Har wo yaad jab tera saath tha
Dua si lagti thi raahat tab
Tujhse pehle sab kuchh raakh tha

Zindagi thehar jaayegi jab kabhi
Shayad tab tak ho jaaye sab sahi

Jo tu na hoti mujh mein samaayi
Koi aur bhi mujhe deti dikhaayi
Ishq ke is bedard saude mein
Humne bas apni khudi hi lutaayi...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ajeeb si khamoshi...

A Keyrun Rao original

Chehakte chidiyon ke beech
Shaakh se gire patte jaisi
Muskaate bachchon ke beech
Ek toote hue khilone jaisi

Tere jaane ke baad rehti hai
Ajeeb si kuchh khamoshi aisi

Itne tukdon mein bikhra hoon
Rooh bhi uljhi si lagti hai
Kab tak chalengi ye saansein
Dhadkanein ye sehmi rehti hai

Tanha itni haalat buri nahin hui
Ye khamoshi bas dasti rehti hai...

Ek naqli muskaan sajaayi hui hai
Shayad tu hi laut aaye kisi din
Samajhna na galti se ke khush hoon
Bahut tadpaa hoon main tere bin...

Teri aankhein bhi baatein karti thi
Ab hum khamoshi se baatein karte hain

Kabhi gar takra jaao humse kahin to
Kya ek baar phir waise hi muskuraaoge?
Pyaari si wo yaadein soch ke kya,
Ek baar phir mujhe kas ke gale lagaaoge?

Kabhi teri, kabhi meri galtiyon ko...
Khamoshi se khud ko bayaan karte hain...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Vishal & Shekhar,

Keyrun Rao here, you can call me Magik... everyone in Bollywood does ;)

I am a writer, aspiring to write songs & InshAllah later films too!

Some samples of my writing here:

Sujoy's comment on that post:
"dear Magik.. your post has been the single most humbling experience for me since JB opened 20.06.03. And to date i maintain that.. what JB achieved was because of people like yourself who saw and said good things about the film. Thank you so much for this kind post because not only me.. lot f my colleagues ran on faith to make JB happen. Vishal and Shekhar specifically who stood from day zero till date by the film. From all of us.. and i am sure they will voice the same.. thank you and continue to love movies."

My reaction after hearing the 'You may be' song:

My review of Aladin:

(Okay, minus brownies for that, but you guys are sports eh?)

Now am no Chopra or Khan, so to reach out to you guys, I use the internet.

Your song 'Suno Na' from Jhankaar Beats is my favourite till date.

So as a test, I tried to re-word it in my own style. I re-titled it 'Suzanna'

Without further ado:


A Keyrun Rao Original

Shaam aake dhal chuki hai,
Kuchh kadam... aur chalona...
Tanha ye rooh, beh raha hai,
Aake mujhse kaho na...

Kyon khafa ho, poochhe tumse mera dil...

Jo bhi hai mausam, saath tum rahi ho,
Aaj phir kyun tum, gum si ho chuki ho?
Paas aao mere, Chhoo loon lab ye tere
Shiqwa ho koi to mujhse kaho na...

Keh rahi dhadkan, duuriyan mitaani hai,
Chaahe jo bhi ho, pyaar to nibhaana hai,
Tu nahin na sahi, saaye ka to teri,
Duur se hi kahin, jhalak hi sahi...
dikha naaa...

Shaam aake dhal chuki hai,
Kuchh kadam... aur chalona...
Tanha ye rooh, beh raha hai,
Aake mujhse kaho na...

Kyon khafa ho, poochhe tumse mera dil...

*** END ***

May be am jumping the queue of the thousands of writers, ready to go out on a limb to write for you guys. But am taking this chance. You may or may not like what I did with the song, but I had fun writing it...

P.S. 1:
May be am killing that one iota of chance that I have of working with you, ever, but yes, Tess Maar Khan has been a total downer. As you say, rightly so, all of us have our days off :)

P.S. 2:
This blog has other original songs / poetry that I have written...

P.S. 3:
Is there any other way of formally applying to qualify to write for you guys?

Waiting to hear from you...

Loadsa love & luck,


Cut to:
Dream sequence of me jamming with you guys at your studio...

Fade out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unke sawaal- Mere jawaab


Answer as many of these questions as you like:

1. Write a story involving at least three of the following :

a) An old-fashioned duckback raincoat

b) Madhuri Dixit

c) A large paper masala dosa

d) A bicycle with a punctured tyre

e) A Deputy Head Clerk working in the Govt. Pay & Accounts Office (Freedom-fighters Pension Dept.)

f) An ostrich

g) Any well-known advertising slogan of your choice

h) An IAF Mig-29, painted yellow

i) Dhirubhai Ambani’s nephew

The words, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go”

It was raining when Madhuri Dixit was enjoying a large paper masala dosa standing at a corner of the street wearing an old-fashioned duckback raincoat. A small boy stood there with his bicycle with a punctured tyre. A Deputy Head Clerk working in the Govt. Pay & Accounts Office (Freedom-fighters Pension Dept.) standing at the bus stand was cursing his luck as he could not get his own pension without bribing his colleagues. Exactly at that time an IAF Mig-29, painted yellow crash landed and ended up killing an ostrich and a few hundred people. Dhirubhai Ambani’s nephew didn’t give a damn about the whole thing. Thank God he didn’t say “Dil Maange More”. Madhuri finished her dosa and left the place in her swanky car because “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go”

2. Choose two magazine ads that you really like.

Then, based on each of them, do a new ad that you think is just as good as the originals.

Playboy -
Hard Feelings

Tehelka –
We’ve got the balls…
To come out with the truth

(cue: visuals of balls of various games, ad about the issue busting the CWG scam)

3. Take any TV commercial you really like – and, based on it, do a new one that you think is just as good.

Vodafone delights ad:

Early morning

Young guy wakes up…

He is a soccer fan

He walks up to the fridge

Takes out the milk carton

He is scratching his head, groggy eyed

Without looking pours the content in a glass

Cut to the glass filled with chilled beer

Voiceover: Delights are always welcome…

There are dozens of brands of firecrackers in the market. You are launching yet another brand. Suggest :

i) A brand name for it

ii) A unique and innovative way in which you could get to sell more of your firecrackers than competition

iii) A press ad for the firecrackers

iv) A TV commercial for them

Fattu Patakhay

Contest where any kid who can watch an entire ladi of crackers without closing eyes or ears will be awarded.

Ad headline- Sabki faad ke rakh de
Visual – a crowd of elderly people with hands on their ears

Visuals of a battlefield where the battle has just ended

Injured soldiers scampering around

Fade out

Close up of crackers’ range

Voiceover – in the Diwali battlefield, ensure that the victory is yours…

Fattu Patakhay … sabki faad ke rakh de!

5. i) Think up a name for a new brand of sports shoes

ii) Write an ad for it that sells both the shoe as well as the concept of physical fitness

Brand: Kickass

Ad campaign:

Kick laziness in the ass.

Kick lethargy in the ass.

Kick calories in the ass.

Kick boredom in the ass.

Kick excuses in the ass.

6. Write a 30 second jingle for Cadbury’s 5 Star.

Sounds of a couple moaning, as if making love

Bang on the door

Mother screams kya ho raha hai andar?

Couple says “five star kha rahe hain”

Mother says “phir theek hai”

Tell us all about yourself. (The answer can be as long – or as short – as you think necessary).

Badshaah of Bullshit / Caliph of Crazy / Emperor of Ediot / Maharaja of Mad / Moghul of Mess

People call me all sorts of names. I take that with a pinch of salt & a swig of bubbly. I write for a living. I feel I get paid to be sitting in a cyber cafe. I am a jokey person with dip fillings for everyone and everyall. Very simplicity dress code: shirt n jeans. Coming with clean heart, I go temple on Thursdays & kip slippers out. Cinema is oxygen of my life & I throng multiplex every weekend. I always do global-wise fraanship. Not very much fast but slow by slow. I like village people because they are hearty not brainy. I don't fill I need to tell more about my good self as you can find by my test. Ok pliss. Thank a lots.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Twitter pe shayari - under the influence

Keyrun Rao Originals

akele kahan hain, teri khushboo, teri adaa rooh mein liye chalte hain, kabhi shama ki tarah jalte hain, kabhi barf ki tarah pighalte hain.

maana manzil nahin, humsafar to ban sakte ho, yaar nahin sahi, ajnabee ban ke kuchh kadam saath chal sakte ho?

teri muskaan nazron mein ab bhi goonjti hai, teri mohabbat humpe ab bhi barasti hai, hum yahin hain, tu ab kiske dhadkan mein basti hai?

kaun samjha hai ishq ko, jo main tumhe kuchh bataoon, nashe ki tarah hai kuchh, bina soche bas doobta jaaoon.

kyon teri chahat ab tak dhali nahin hai, itni aashiqui theek nahin hai, chali gayi akela karke humein, ummeed meri bujhi nahin hai.

sookhe phool to kitaabon mein shayad mil sakte hain, aap to yun juda hue, lagta hai saaye bhi badan se duur ho sakte hain

bhool hi jaao humein, bahut asaan hai, hum bhoolein tumhein, soch ke bhi jaati meri ye jaan hai.

phir ek baar marna chahta hoon, ishq gehra kitna hai, jaan na chahta hoon, wo to jee gayi jaan meri, main fanaa hona chahta hoon.

phir milenge nayi jagah mein, jahan tum suqoon mein, aur mein aggan mein, jahan main taara aur tum bhi gagan mein.

tune jaane kya samjha mere ishq ko, sabko gazab sa lagta hai, tere bina har shab aur subah saala ek sa lagta hai!

yaad aaya mujhe, uske liye main zarrra bas, kaise boloon kitna uske liya raha hoon taras. gandi shayari hogi, wanna meet her bas...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aise hi tanha akele...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Pyaar khareedna sasta lagta hai
Rishton mein yun dum ghut-ta hai
Kaise yaqeen maane yaaron ka hum
Har koi shaitaan sa lagta hai
Chhod do mujhe mere haal par
Jee loonga aise hi tanha akele

Chalte hue palatke nahi dekhta ab
Is veerane min sukoon hai besabab
Apne saaye se baatein karta hoon
Pasand hai mujhe, koi afsos nahin
Jee loonga aise hi tanha akele

Yunhi kabhi yaad kar leta hoon
Kuchh pal jo the bahut hi pyaare
Dard nahin hota thoda bhi sach
Masoom si muskaan aa jaati hai
Talash nahin hai kisi ki kahin
Jee loonga aise hi tanha akele

Friday, August 27, 2010

Soti jagti aankhon mein...

A Keyrun Rao original

Mila bhi na tumhe, jaana bhi nahin,
Tab se mohabbat is qadar ho gayi hai
Shayad kabhi keh bhi na paaoonga main
Itni zyaada tumse mohabbat ho gayi hai

Teri saansein ginta, saaye mein chalta
Madhosh meri ye haalat rehti hai yun
Chalte hue kahin tu aise mil jaaye
Honton pe mere yehi ek dua rehti hai

Tere milne pe dhadkanein ruk jati hain
Tu jo na ho to saansein theharti hain
Raat din mere zehan mein tu basti hai
Kya tu kahin aasmaanon mein rehti hai?

Soti jagti pyasi in aankhon mein meri
Tere rehte jannat ki tasveer umadti hai
Chaahe jitna bhai dabaana chahoon main
Zyaada aur zyaada mohabbat rehti hai...

Ek arsaa guzar gayaa...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Nam tumhari ankhon mein khushi ki guzarish thi
Nakli muskan mein chhupi sailaab si tanhaai thi
Badlenge sab, khaai thi kasam ye maine khud se
Kaise palak jhapakte dekho ek arsaa guzar gaya

Pehle muskaai tum, sapna sa kyun mujhe tha laga?
Juda sa tu tha magar phir bhi apna sa kyun laga?
Saath tere jeet lenge aasmaan ek iraada kar liya
Ek dhadkan mein dekho ek arsaa yunhi guzar gaya

Samjhate rahe khud ko ke apne jahaan alag hain
Ke tu chamakta hua tara hai aur zarr.ra hun main
Jo mere liye abr hai, tere liye khaak sa hi hai
Bijli thi jaise koi, dekho ek arsaa guzar gaya

Intezar karenge hum, kahin to milogi mujhe tum
Aisa ek to kabhi aayega pyaara sa koi mausam
Na to mausam hi badla, no hi tum ya phir hum
Sapna tha koi shaayad, dekho ek arsaa guzar gaya

Bas yaad hi mein aati ho, jaane kahan bas gayi
hamari to maano zindagi hi samjho thehar gayi
Haalat maana itni bhi nahin hui buri hamari
Dua thi shayad, jeete hue, ek arsaa guzar gaya

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jo khud dua ho...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Jo khud dua ho auron ke liye
Usey koi kya kaise dua dega?
Jis roshni se duniya hairan ho
Us suraj ko diya kaun dikhayega?

Unki kahani se badale zindagi hai
Alfazon se muskaanein khilti hai
Kabhi aansoo chhalakte hain yun
Jaise khaufnaak koi sailaab aayega

Ek rishta ban jaata hai unke likhe
Nek aur kaminey se kirdaron mein
Ek naata sa jud jaata hai unke kahe
Lafzon ke chamakte motiyon ki dor se

Safed unki poshaakh mein ubharti hai
Bachchon si pak unki ruh hai bemisal
Dua rehti hai humare labon pe hamesha
Ki wo jiyein kayeen saare hazaron saal

Unke saadgi ki kya baat karein hum
Soch kar aankhein ho jaati hain nam
Ek zarra bhi un jaisa ban jaayein to
Afsos na hoga gar zindagi ho khatam...

Monday, August 16, 2010


A Keyrun Rao Original

Dariya jakadne chale they, ret bhi haath na aayi,
Tujhse duur rehkar humein, jannat raas naa aayi,
Saaye ka peechha karte hain, jab tu paas na aayi,
Kaise bataoon tujhe, kitni qatil hai ye tanhaai.

Jataayi nahin tune, teri qeemat hi samajh na aayi,
Karein bhi to kya ae haseen, gehri chot hai khayi,
Kabhi shiqayat to karti, jaane kitne ashq bahaayi,
Der ho gayi bahut shayad, kuchalti hai roz tanhaai.

Taraste hain teri muskan ko, ye kaisi aag lagaayi,
Teri ansuon ke gunahgaar, dil se fariyaad lagaayi,
Tere rehte khushiyaan thi, kaise bardasht ho judai,
Bheed mein tanha reh gaye, zinda jalaaye ye tanhaai.

Hum saath honge phir, dil ne bas ye ek aas lagaayi,
Yehi tamanna hai meri ab, bas itni si hai duhaai,
Dhadkanon mein to basi hai, saansein dengi gawaahi,
Aaja laut ke meri jaan, tanhaai hai meri tabaahi.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pyaar sa mehsoos hua...

A Keyrun Rao original

Wo kuchh aise muskuraaye dekh kar mujhe
Itna ajnabi sa ho kar bhi mera yaar hua
Baahon mein bhar liya kuchh is qadar ki
Bhoola gham saare aisa to pehli baar hua
Simte der talak chalti rukti sanson mein
Samajh nahin paaye, pyaar sa mehsoos hua

Jo wo na muskuraate, kya itne paas aate?
Pyaara khwaab dekhne se pehle jaag jaate
Sach ho kar jhooth kyun mujhe ye lagta hai?
Itni jald itne paas, bada achcha lagta hai
Sachchai thi wo janasheen baaton mein uski
Baukhlaaye to the par pyaar sa mehsoos hua

Jaate hue baahon mein bhar loon mera dil kiya
Unki nam aankhon ne humein aur majboor kiya
Phir milenge keh kar khuda haafiz to keh diya
Jaante the nahin milenge, muskaan udhaar le liya
Kuchh rishte hote hi hain khatam hone ke liye
Achchi tarah jaante hue bhi pyaar sa mehsoos hua

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kya wo chori thi?

A Keyrun Rao original, dedicated to
Vikramaditya Motwane's debut film 'Udaan'

Chori ka matlab bhi nahin jaanta tha jab
Ek rangeeli pencil churaai school se tab
Ghar pe maar padi bahut, mujhko sharm thi
Maa meri galti ka matlab hi samjhaa deti
Samajh nahin paaya main kya wo chori thi?

Bada hua main, ek achcha dost bhi bana liya
Achchai ka sabak theek se kisi ne nahi diya
Doosron ke liye jo sirf masti ki baat thi
Jaane kyun mujhe padti paapa ki laat thi
Samajh nahin paaya main kya wo chori thi?

Achche-bure ki parakh ab khud karne laga
Maa aur Paapa ke nazron mein wo tha daga
Par bina jaane-samjhe kaise maan loon ye
Ki ek bure insaan ki ye badi kamzori thi
Samajh nahin paaya main kya wo chori thi?

Kuchh saalon mein qafi bada ho gaya main
Chori nahin karta sharaarat nahi karta
Par zehan mein sawaal hamesha rehta hai
Haasil karne ki bhook ab bhi mujh mein thi
Sochta rehta hoon main kya wo chori thi?

Laakhon-karodon ghotaale roz dikhte hain
Sar uthakar chor har jagah ghoomte hain
Maa maine to sirf ek pencil churaayi thi
Sochta hoon usmein aisi kaunsi buraai thi
Kya maine samaaj mein koi aag lagaayi thi?

Tum na wo pencil dila paaye, na wo cycle
Duur se hi apne armaan rondta rehta tha
Kamaaoonga paise anaab shanaab main bhi
Naye naye tarqeeb aksar bunta rehta tha
Gareeb hona hi meri sabse badi khaami thi

Raees zaade kuchh lagte nahin mere saamne
Par gareebi ne meri awaaz dabaai hui thi
Kab tak mujhse bachenege ye log pata nahin
Phir zaroor milenge saare ye yaheen kahin
Tab kahoonga unse ke tumne bhi ki chori thi...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh HansiNa!

A short film

Fade in

Two funny guys, Rohan Joshi & Ashish Shakya, humor writers for a TV channel, are sitting on a deadline to come up with an idea for a ‘Reality Show’ & are stuck with shortage of ideas. One gloomy evening they are at a bar getting drunk, watching a game. Someone at the bar walks up to them & requests them to do a stand up act, as he wants to perk up the mood at the bar & increase the footfalls there.

Both Rohan & Ashish are in no mood for anything that involves ‘work’ as they were already stressed out & pissed with their nagging boss, Mrs. Brenda Briganza, whom they hatefully called ‘Bitchwanti’. Rohan is married to Aisha, who is a DJ & is on the go always, which leaves Rohan alone & frustrated most of the time. Ashish lives with his mother who wants him to get married & bring home a ‘bahu’.

Rohan & Ashish hang out together most of the time when they are not home, so much that rumors of they being homo begins to spread at work. But being the funny guys, they laugh it off. The problem at hand is the reality how that they have to crack which is evading them. They seek the advice of their friend Vibhuti, who is a chef, whom they fondly call ‘Chefiney’.

Vibhuti is another joker only that his work doesn’t allow him to hang out with his friends as he is at his busiest when others are chilling out. He recently divorced his wife as her cooking sucked big time & he was fed up of cooking at work & at home too!

On a Monday evening the three of them, Rohan, Ashish & Vibhuti decide to meet up. Then over beer the three of them talk about how their lives suck, all thanks to the respective women in their lives. They go on and on till Rohan & Ashish look at each other & smile. It’s that magic moment when an idea strikes them. It’s revenge time. The three guys huddle up & brainstorm over the potential idea, while the crowd is going apeshit about the world cup match.


The next day in the office of Brenda Briganza, the two geniuses show up, glowing with the shine of the Eureka moment. Mrs. Briganza, for the first time ever, jumps with joy on hearing the concept. She starts drooling at the very thought of the TRPs the show will generate. She thinks ‘Oh HansiNa’ In search of the funniest beauty in the country, is The Show that will change their fortunes. Bitchwanti doesn’t realize the joke is on her too!

They start the shoot for ‘Oh HansiNa’ & thus begins the most hilarious journey where three guys take their revenge by poking fun & laughing at women & their sense of humor, that too on national TV.

Montage of dumb chicks auditioning for the reality show.

Fade out

*Stand up acts by Hamateurs as the credits roll*

A Keyrun Rao original

Friday, June 25, 2010

Koyle se kaale...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Koyle se kaale, gehre se chhale
Jaise sarhad paar koi duniya hai
Jahan insaan ki jaan se zyaada
Darindon ko pyaara khadaan hai

Kaala pad gaya ho lahoo jaise
Peeche virasat mein chhod gaye
Pushtein apni jaani dushmani aise
Bas kuchalte rehte hain insaaniyat

Rishton ka yahaan mazaak banta hai
Darr ke maare khuda bhi jhukta hai
Ghinouni hasratein saans leti hai
Neki jeene ko hazaar intehan deti hai

Dikhti nahin hai, par khaufnaak itni
Inke ranjishon ne li jaanein kitni
Aao dekho aur jaano kitne khush ho
Kyunki safed alag jahaan mein tum ho

[Dedicated to the upcoming coal mafia
projekt of Anurag Kashyap. Best lucks Sir.]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never really unpacked...

A Keyrun Rao original

It was a new chapter for me
Few years back, may be three
All unknown faces & a new city
Where I could just happily be
But I am stupid, my mind jacked
That's why I never really unpacked

She moved on & happily got married
While I dealt with burdens I carried
As she settled in her new house & car
I was pining for her, so damn afar
Trying to figure out what I so lacked
Truth is that I never really unpacked

Folks back home wanted me to settle down
Probably hoping I would like this new town
Never ever I really liked anything here
But for that awesome chilled KF beer
Healing my soul that seemed so cracked
May be that's why I never really unpacked

Made some friends, never had an affair
Sometimes I think that was totally unfair
The girls her are pretty, some very hot
But I still love you, that I never forgot
They tried getting closer, I back tracked
Sometimes I wonder, I should've unpacked

Life is changing again, turning a new leaf
Will it bring tension or much needed relief
Don't know about that, am coming to Bombay
What I dream at night, got to chase in day
Things will be different, I will be relaxed
Guess it's high time, time to get unpacked

[Special thanks to Arati, for making
an Aslam Bhai outta me HAHAHA]

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I come closer home

A Keyrun Rao original

After what seemed like a lifetime or more
After knocking on heavens' & hells' doors
Never felt so alive with the heart throbbing
Dreams waiting to burst through the eyes
Thoughts pacing fast not letting me be alone
It's a crazy feeling, here I come closer home.

Could it be the stupidest thing I ever did
or the smartest I'll do, for all that we know
All the insecurities & butterflies unnerving me
Get the hell outta here & quit bothering me
I have a long way to go, sun, storm or snow
It's a nice feeling, here I come closer home.

Will I make a place for myself time will tell
But my stories & skills I will try hard sell
Will someone put money where my ink is
I don't know but that's the only way there is
The tomorrow looks full of challenges galore
It's a cool feeling, here I come closer home.

An unforgiving & unforgettable city that I love
Will it help me quickly raise over & up above
Or will I end up just another Johny in the race
With shame and remorse written across my face
The outcome of this risk doesn't bother me
It's a warm feeling, here I come closer home.

The rains would have washed away the grime
Thus would begin my life anew one more time
Have never been so enthusiastic & energetic
Something about Bombay that's so fantastic
Like a joyful son running towards his mother
It's a great feeling, here I come closer home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoda faasla

A Keyrun Rao original

Yun lagta hai ki jaanta hoon tumhein
Tumhaari kami mehsoos bhi karta hoon
Sab kuchh luta doon tumhaari muskaan pe
Khud se ye wada bhi aksar karta hoon
Zindagi se ye shiqayat rahegi hamesha ki
Thoda sa faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Saath hote jo hum agar to jannatein hoti
Shaam savere bepanaah mohabbatein hoti
Tumhaari pyari hansi mein pal guzarte
Humari baaton mein bhi shayari si hoti
Bura to lagega hamesha ae dost mere
Thoda faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Kya ye chaahat hai, ye jaante nahin hai
Kyon meri dhadkan pehchaante nahin hai
Duniya poori alag hai humari tumhaari
Khud se juda tumhein maante nahin hain
Kaash kuchh pehle miley hote hum tumse
Thoda sa faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Khud hi ki talaash mein hoon main aaj bhi
Tumhaare khudi ki kya baat karoon main
Apne aap mein raahat dhoondh raha hoon
Ab kaise aayega tanhaa is mere dil ko sukoon
Sochta hoon kabhi dil-o-rooh mein ye ki
Kyon thoda faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Kaash mujhse karti baatein thodi aur...
Kuchh pal aur likh dete mere naam
Zindagi banti badi khoobsurat si apni
Subah rangeen, madhoshi bhari shaam
Mita do ye faasle, ab aao mere kareeb
Itna achcha bhi nahin hota sabka naseeb.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Still with me...

Beyond darkness, late in the night,
when the stars & clouds make love
I stay awake, gaping at the roof
Thinking how can you be so aloof?
I re-read those letters you wrote
Was it all a lie? every single note?

I refuse to believe you moved on
Sometimes I feel like a demon
Want to hurt you for scarring me
Want to love you for loving me
Can't believe after all these years
Dear, some bits of you still with me

Though apart, I have never felt alone
As if time has stood still like a stone
Your smile is what I really miss
And how can i forget our first kiss
I wish you good & pray for you I do
Remember, you are still with me...

Wherever you are, whatever you do
I will truly madly deeply love you
You are mine forever and that's true
Hopeless romantics like me are few
Take care my darling you be nice
Without you around my soul cries...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drops of blood...

A Keyrun Rao Original

The world works in strange ways
Sunshine & darkness all in a day
Love to hate how emotions sway
Like a city drowned in a bad flood
I cry your tears... drops of blood...

I know you're lying girl when you say
No dear, I swear am really not crying
You don't have to tell, though miles away
I can feel all of your sadness & ache
Like ripples a pebble makes in a dead lake

I am just a contact in your phone book
But when I try & imagine your sad look
I feel like dying a thousand deaths
Helpless & full of prayers for you my dear
Longing for you to smile without any fear

Though I can't reach where you are now
I send you all my love & best wishes
Hope you get back at life stronger & harder
Be the girl that I know you have always been
Not a speck of gloom on you I have ever seen

Do remember this for sure my dear friend
You never cry alone... someone somewhere
With tremendous pain in his heart
Cries your tears... little drops of blood
Like a city drowned in a very bad flood...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't hang up on me...

A Keyrun Rao Original

[Dedicated to all my friends who let me be me, who celebrate me, love me so much and give me enough reasons to hang around here, head held high, without feeling like a worthless pile of bile. Love you all to bits. Thanks for being.]

Don't you please hang up on me
Without you how would I even be
Like a guitar without any strings
Like the darkness the night brings

Like a doomed kid who lost the race
My world would be an empty space
Like a father bereaving his dead kids
Like dumped rotting bunch of orchids

The sun would never shine this side
It would be an eternal downward slide
Days would come & away silently go
Like the routine of a newly wed widow

I am brimming with hope because of you
I am smiling gleefully all thanks to you
I look forward to 'morrow to connect with you
My yesterday was blessed only cuz of you

Don't you dare ever hang up on me
As then the world will never see me
Your life will go on & I'ill wish you good
But I would die happier a soul my dear
If by my side you would have just stood.

Friday, March 5, 2010

For Manu Akhouri? No, for us all.

Just one look at the photo above and you could pass it off as your brother, friend, classmate, the flirt, the son or any other individual, whom you met or connected with at some point of your life. Would you believe that this dude, Manu Akhouri is no more? Would you in your wildest dreams believe that he sacrificed his life to save a whole village in Punjab from the fatal MiG-21 crash. Flt. Lt. Manu Akhouri would have celebrated his 26th birthday with family & friends on 21st February, had he chosen to be just another bloke, auditioning for MTV Roadies & other such.

He made a choice to fly. Better still, to fly for his country. His passion for flying since childhood brought him face to face with a situation where he could choose to jump out of the 'flying coffin' and save his skin or maneuver it to a place where no lives would be lost. He made a choice of saving a village full of people and not many of us have even heard of him. Not even me.

A brother of mine is in the Indian Navy & from him I learnt about this braveheart. The more I found out, the more I bonded with this departed soul. I could see myself, my brother, my friend, all of us, in Manu. Like us, he chose to chase his passion. He chose to live his dream. Best part is that he made it, while he was still alive. It's very sad that now he will be missed & mourned by his family & close friends, while the rest of us lead our lives, entirely oblivious to the countless sacrifices made by thousands of jawans, brave soldiers who also had that option to be just another face in the crowd & die like one.

I write this post, deeply moved, by the sacrifices made by all the Manus who forego their own lives for the larger good of the country. As a writer & an aspiring filmmaker, I pledge to bring to light some of the stories (if not all) of those who are now no more, while they were ensuring our nation's security in adverse situations. Let these martyrs be remembered, let us show some respect, shed some tears, light some candles, pray for their souls' peace. Not just for Manu Akhouri, but for us all, as we are alive because of them.

Bro, Manu Akhouri, may your soul rest in peace. Amen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Khan: The Alpha Male

In modern human societies, inhabited by people like Rahul Mahajan & Bobby Darling, an alpha male can mean very different things to different people. Some use the term to mean the guy who seems most at ease with women and can essentially marry or date any woman of his choice. Some use the term for those who don't give a rabbit's derriere about shaving & other such sissy pursuits [what's the point, the nails & the beard grow right back!]

So where did Khan figure out in this train of thought? Watching a film many times over helps in gaining perspective & that's what happened to me after multiple viewings of My Name is Khan (MNIK). For obvious reasons, I won't even try & say why MNIK worked for me or its merits or demerits. Enough has been said already, so I refrain. But what caught my interest is the character traits of the main protagonist Rizwan Khan.

Though my brother is just 2 months away from adding the prefix 'Dr.' to his name, I get baffled & choked by medical terms, names of diseases, medicines & doctors in general. I don't think there is any illness which can't be cured by a potent dose of aged single malt. My ignorance of the Asperger's Syndrome or Autism hence please be pardoned.

So Khan. Why do I think he is the Alpha Male? I wrote this as a tribute to real men, the kind of men who perpetuate our species, don't know what conditioner is used for, and don't apologize for not wearing makeup. Without further ado:

First things first, he is totally allergic to bullshit, the types where you have to be nice to people, even if you don't like them, which includes your colleagues, neighbours & just about everyone else. Where you have to humbly make small talk, instead of lounging around, sipping a beer & watching TV or playing a video game. When he doesn't like the chicken, he ensures that his displeasure doesn't go unnoticed.

Next, he knows his shit. He is good with his tools. He knows a nut from a bolt & doesn't mind getting his hands dirty & what the hell is a manicure anyways? Plus he doesn't mind leafing through a book 'Intercourse for Dummies' so that he gets the act right. Only a man with balls, each the size of Jupiter would do that, with his lady love right by the side. Salut!

He doesn't like people wrongly pronouncing his name & makes sure that they get it right before he fishes out that sleek pistol & puts it to good use. Who the hell likes their name mispronounced? Okay the weird way I spell my name never helped my cause, but is it that hard? Key Run? Damn.

Add to this the simple fact that he ensures that he gets enough space. When he WANTS The Action, he gets IT, pronto! What's the point singing songs & writing poetry that loosely translate as "Me Tarzan, you Jane, we fcuk"? Mr. Prasoon Joshi, you there?

And yes, he is a fair man. He doesn't like people walking over him, shaking hands & then stabbing in the back. He works hard & earns his $$$. Honesty never killed anyone & he knew it good. He is a man of his word. Even if it means 'Mundu' he will go 'no holds barred' & live up to it.

He was detached from the emotional atyachaar. People die, shit happens & life goes on. Just another day in the life of Rizwan Khan. When it's dinner time, you got to eat. Fair enough?

I think more & more people should have this Asperger's Syndrome & the world will be a better place to live in. No bigots, no traitors, just clean men of honor who go around doing their jobs with integrity & without bitching & scheming. How's that for a better planet?

P.S.: Not that I completely subscribe to these attributes of real men, but life would be way less complicated. Anyways, let me cancel my appointment with the dentist & get back to writing the unfinished poetry. Ho gaya kalyan :p