Monday, November 29, 2010

Jo tu na hoti...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Dil ki sooni raahon par
Dhadkanein goonjti rahi
Jaise aahat hai tere
Meethe yaadon ki kadi

Kaise maangoon judai tujhse
Maut se zyada saza hai badi

Khushboo se teri haseen
Bhaag kar jaaoon kidhar
Behti hui mujh mein kyun
Saanson ki lehar ban kar

Karoon kis se shiqayat ye
ke mera khuda bhi to tu hai

Kareeb hai tu mere bahut
Chaahe jahan basera ho tera
Teri rooh ka ek hissa chhota
Karz sa mujh pe daale dera

Kaise mitaoon teri muskaan
Jis mein basti hai meri jaan

Parchhayi si chipki hai yun
Har wo yaad jab tera saath tha
Dua si lagti thi raahat tab
Tujhse pehle sab kuchh raakh tha

Zindagi thehar jaayegi jab kabhi
Shayad tab tak ho jaaye sab sahi

Jo tu na hoti mujh mein samaayi
Koi aur bhi mujhe deti dikhaayi
Ishq ke is bedard saude mein
Humne bas apni khudi hi lutaayi...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ajeeb si khamoshi...

A Keyrun Rao original

Chehakte chidiyon ke beech
Shaakh se gire patte jaisi
Muskaate bachchon ke beech
Ek toote hue khilone jaisi

Tere jaane ke baad rehti hai
Ajeeb si kuchh khamoshi aisi

Itne tukdon mein bikhra hoon
Rooh bhi uljhi si lagti hai
Kab tak chalengi ye saansein
Dhadkanein ye sehmi rehti hai

Tanha itni haalat buri nahin hui
Ye khamoshi bas dasti rehti hai...

Ek naqli muskaan sajaayi hui hai
Shayad tu hi laut aaye kisi din
Samajhna na galti se ke khush hoon
Bahut tadpaa hoon main tere bin...

Teri aankhein bhi baatein karti thi
Ab hum khamoshi se baatein karte hain

Kabhi gar takra jaao humse kahin to
Kya ek baar phir waise hi muskuraaoge?
Pyaari si wo yaadein soch ke kya,
Ek baar phir mujhe kas ke gale lagaaoge?

Kabhi teri, kabhi meri galtiyon ko...
Khamoshi se khud ko bayaan karte hain...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Vishal & Shekhar,

Keyrun Rao here, you can call me Magik... everyone in Bollywood does ;)

I am a writer, aspiring to write songs & InshAllah later films too!

Some samples of my writing here:

Sujoy's comment on that post:
"dear Magik.. your post has been the single most humbling experience for me since JB opened 20.06.03. And to date i maintain that.. what JB achieved was because of people like yourself who saw and said good things about the film. Thank you so much for this kind post because not only me.. lot f my colleagues ran on faith to make JB happen. Vishal and Shekhar specifically who stood from day zero till date by the film. From all of us.. and i am sure they will voice the same.. thank you and continue to love movies."

My reaction after hearing the 'You may be' song:

My review of Aladin:

(Okay, minus brownies for that, but you guys are sports eh?)

Now am no Chopra or Khan, so to reach out to you guys, I use the internet.

Your song 'Suno Na' from Jhankaar Beats is my favourite till date.

So as a test, I tried to re-word it in my own style. I re-titled it 'Suzanna'

Without further ado:


A Keyrun Rao Original

Shaam aake dhal chuki hai,
Kuchh kadam... aur chalona...
Tanha ye rooh, beh raha hai,
Aake mujhse kaho na...

Kyon khafa ho, poochhe tumse mera dil...

Jo bhi hai mausam, saath tum rahi ho,
Aaj phir kyun tum, gum si ho chuki ho?
Paas aao mere, Chhoo loon lab ye tere
Shiqwa ho koi to mujhse kaho na...

Keh rahi dhadkan, duuriyan mitaani hai,
Chaahe jo bhi ho, pyaar to nibhaana hai,
Tu nahin na sahi, saaye ka to teri,
Duur se hi kahin, jhalak hi sahi...
dikha naaa...

Shaam aake dhal chuki hai,
Kuchh kadam... aur chalona...
Tanha ye rooh, beh raha hai,
Aake mujhse kaho na...

Kyon khafa ho, poochhe tumse mera dil...

*** END ***

May be am jumping the queue of the thousands of writers, ready to go out on a limb to write for you guys. But am taking this chance. You may or may not like what I did with the song, but I had fun writing it...

P.S. 1:
May be am killing that one iota of chance that I have of working with you, ever, but yes, Tess Maar Khan has been a total downer. As you say, rightly so, all of us have our days off :)

P.S. 2:
This blog has other original songs / poetry that I have written...

P.S. 3:
Is there any other way of formally applying to qualify to write for you guys?

Waiting to hear from you...

Loadsa love & luck,


Cut to:
Dream sequence of me jamming with you guys at your studio...

Fade out.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unke sawaal- Mere jawaab


Answer as many of these questions as you like:

1. Write a story involving at least three of the following :

a) An old-fashioned duckback raincoat

b) Madhuri Dixit

c) A large paper masala dosa

d) A bicycle with a punctured tyre

e) A Deputy Head Clerk working in the Govt. Pay & Accounts Office (Freedom-fighters Pension Dept.)

f) An ostrich

g) Any well-known advertising slogan of your choice

h) An IAF Mig-29, painted yellow

i) Dhirubhai Ambani’s nephew

The words, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go”

It was raining when Madhuri Dixit was enjoying a large paper masala dosa standing at a corner of the street wearing an old-fashioned duckback raincoat. A small boy stood there with his bicycle with a punctured tyre. A Deputy Head Clerk working in the Govt. Pay & Accounts Office (Freedom-fighters Pension Dept.) standing at the bus stand was cursing his luck as he could not get his own pension without bribing his colleagues. Exactly at that time an IAF Mig-29, painted yellow crash landed and ended up killing an ostrich and a few hundred people. Dhirubhai Ambani’s nephew didn’t give a damn about the whole thing. Thank God he didn’t say “Dil Maange More”. Madhuri finished her dosa and left the place in her swanky car because “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go”

2. Choose two magazine ads that you really like.

Then, based on each of them, do a new ad that you think is just as good as the originals.

Playboy -
Hard Feelings

Tehelka –
We’ve got the balls…
To come out with the truth

(cue: visuals of balls of various games, ad about the issue busting the CWG scam)

3. Take any TV commercial you really like – and, based on it, do a new one that you think is just as good.

Vodafone delights ad:

Early morning

Young guy wakes up…

He is a soccer fan

He walks up to the fridge

Takes out the milk carton

He is scratching his head, groggy eyed

Without looking pours the content in a glass

Cut to the glass filled with chilled beer

Voiceover: Delights are always welcome…

There are dozens of brands of firecrackers in the market. You are launching yet another brand. Suggest :

i) A brand name for it

ii) A unique and innovative way in which you could get to sell more of your firecrackers than competition

iii) A press ad for the firecrackers

iv) A TV commercial for them

Fattu Patakhay

Contest where any kid who can watch an entire ladi of crackers without closing eyes or ears will be awarded.

Ad headline- Sabki faad ke rakh de
Visual – a crowd of elderly people with hands on their ears

Visuals of a battlefield where the battle has just ended

Injured soldiers scampering around

Fade out

Close up of crackers’ range

Voiceover – in the Diwali battlefield, ensure that the victory is yours…

Fattu Patakhay … sabki faad ke rakh de!

5. i) Think up a name for a new brand of sports shoes

ii) Write an ad for it that sells both the shoe as well as the concept of physical fitness

Brand: Kickass

Ad campaign:

Kick laziness in the ass.

Kick lethargy in the ass.

Kick calories in the ass.

Kick boredom in the ass.

Kick excuses in the ass.

6. Write a 30 second jingle for Cadbury’s 5 Star.

Sounds of a couple moaning, as if making love

Bang on the door

Mother screams kya ho raha hai andar?

Couple says “five star kha rahe hain”

Mother says “phir theek hai”

Tell us all about yourself. (The answer can be as long – or as short – as you think necessary).

Badshaah of Bullshit / Caliph of Crazy / Emperor of Ediot / Maharaja of Mad / Moghul of Mess

People call me all sorts of names. I take that with a pinch of salt & a swig of bubbly. I write for a living. I feel I get paid to be sitting in a cyber cafe. I am a jokey person with dip fillings for everyone and everyall. Very simplicity dress code: shirt n jeans. Coming with clean heart, I go temple on Thursdays & kip slippers out. Cinema is oxygen of my life & I throng multiplex every weekend. I always do global-wise fraanship. Not very much fast but slow by slow. I like village people because they are hearty not brainy. I don't fill I need to tell more about my good self as you can find by my test. Ok pliss. Thank a lots.