Friday, June 25, 2010

Koyle se kaale...

A Keyrun Rao Original

Koyle se kaale, gehre se chhale
Jaise sarhad paar koi duniya hai
Jahan insaan ki jaan se zyaada
Darindon ko pyaara khadaan hai

Kaala pad gaya ho lahoo jaise
Peeche virasat mein chhod gaye
Pushtein apni jaani dushmani aise
Bas kuchalte rehte hain insaaniyat

Rishton ka yahaan mazaak banta hai
Darr ke maare khuda bhi jhukta hai
Ghinouni hasratein saans leti hai
Neki jeene ko hazaar intehan deti hai

Dikhti nahin hai, par khaufnaak itni
Inke ranjishon ne li jaanein kitni
Aao dekho aur jaano kitne khush ho
Kyunki safed alag jahaan mein tum ho

[Dedicated to the upcoming coal mafia
projekt of Anurag Kashyap. Best lucks Sir.]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Never really unpacked...

A Keyrun Rao original

It was a new chapter for me
Few years back, may be three
All unknown faces & a new city
Where I could just happily be
But I am stupid, my mind jacked
That's why I never really unpacked

She moved on & happily got married
While I dealt with burdens I carried
As she settled in her new house & car
I was pining for her, so damn afar
Trying to figure out what I so lacked
Truth is that I never really unpacked

Folks back home wanted me to settle down
Probably hoping I would like this new town
Never ever I really liked anything here
But for that awesome chilled KF beer
Healing my soul that seemed so cracked
May be that's why I never really unpacked

Made some friends, never had an affair
Sometimes I think that was totally unfair
The girls her are pretty, some very hot
But I still love you, that I never forgot
They tried getting closer, I back tracked
Sometimes I wonder, I should've unpacked

Life is changing again, turning a new leaf
Will it bring tension or much needed relief
Don't know about that, am coming to Bombay
What I dream at night, got to chase in day
Things will be different, I will be relaxed
Guess it's high time, time to get unpacked

[Special thanks to Arati, for making
an Aslam Bhai outta me HAHAHA]

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I come closer home

A Keyrun Rao original

After what seemed like a lifetime or more
After knocking on heavens' & hells' doors
Never felt so alive with the heart throbbing
Dreams waiting to burst through the eyes
Thoughts pacing fast not letting me be alone
It's a crazy feeling, here I come closer home.

Could it be the stupidest thing I ever did
or the smartest I'll do, for all that we know
All the insecurities & butterflies unnerving me
Get the hell outta here & quit bothering me
I have a long way to go, sun, storm or snow
It's a nice feeling, here I come closer home.

Will I make a place for myself time will tell
But my stories & skills I will try hard sell
Will someone put money where my ink is
I don't know but that's the only way there is
The tomorrow looks full of challenges galore
It's a cool feeling, here I come closer home.

An unforgiving & unforgettable city that I love
Will it help me quickly raise over & up above
Or will I end up just another Johny in the race
With shame and remorse written across my face
The outcome of this risk doesn't bother me
It's a warm feeling, here I come closer home.

The rains would have washed away the grime
Thus would begin my life anew one more time
Have never been so enthusiastic & energetic
Something about Bombay that's so fantastic
Like a joyful son running towards his mother
It's a great feeling, here I come closer home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thoda faasla

A Keyrun Rao original

Yun lagta hai ki jaanta hoon tumhein
Tumhaari kami mehsoos bhi karta hoon
Sab kuchh luta doon tumhaari muskaan pe
Khud se ye wada bhi aksar karta hoon
Zindagi se ye shiqayat rahegi hamesha ki
Thoda sa faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Saath hote jo hum agar to jannatein hoti
Shaam savere bepanaah mohabbatein hoti
Tumhaari pyari hansi mein pal guzarte
Humari baaton mein bhi shayari si hoti
Bura to lagega hamesha ae dost mere
Thoda faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Kya ye chaahat hai, ye jaante nahin hai
Kyon meri dhadkan pehchaante nahin hai
Duniya poori alag hai humari tumhaari
Khud se juda tumhein maante nahin hain
Kaash kuchh pehle miley hote hum tumse
Thoda sa faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Khud hi ki talaash mein hoon main aaj bhi
Tumhaare khudi ki kya baat karoon main
Apne aap mein raahat dhoondh raha hoon
Ab kaise aayega tanhaa is mere dil ko sukoon
Sochta hoon kabhi dil-o-rooh mein ye ki
Kyon thoda faasla reh gaya humare darmiyaan

Kaash mujhse karti baatein thodi aur...
Kuchh pal aur likh dete mere naam
Zindagi banti badi khoobsurat si apni
Subah rangeen, madhoshi bhari shaam
Mita do ye faasle, ab aao mere kareeb
Itna achcha bhi nahin hota sabka naseeb.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Still with me...

Beyond darkness, late in the night,
when the stars & clouds make love
I stay awake, gaping at the roof
Thinking how can you be so aloof?
I re-read those letters you wrote
Was it all a lie? every single note?

I refuse to believe you moved on
Sometimes I feel like a demon
Want to hurt you for scarring me
Want to love you for loving me
Can't believe after all these years
Dear, some bits of you still with me

Though apart, I have never felt alone
As if time has stood still like a stone
Your smile is what I really miss
And how can i forget our first kiss
I wish you good & pray for you I do
Remember, you are still with me...

Wherever you are, whatever you do
I will truly madly deeply love you
You are mine forever and that's true
Hopeless romantics like me are few
Take care my darling you be nice
Without you around my soul cries...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drops of blood...

A Keyrun Rao Original

The world works in strange ways
Sunshine & darkness all in a day
Love to hate how emotions sway
Like a city drowned in a bad flood
I cry your tears... drops of blood...

I know you're lying girl when you say
No dear, I swear am really not crying
You don't have to tell, though miles away
I can feel all of your sadness & ache
Like ripples a pebble makes in a dead lake

I am just a contact in your phone book
But when I try & imagine your sad look
I feel like dying a thousand deaths
Helpless & full of prayers for you my dear
Longing for you to smile without any fear

Though I can't reach where you are now
I send you all my love & best wishes
Hope you get back at life stronger & harder
Be the girl that I know you have always been
Not a speck of gloom on you I have ever seen

Do remember this for sure my dear friend
You never cry alone... someone somewhere
With tremendous pain in his heart
Cries your tears... little drops of blood
Like a city drowned in a very bad flood...