Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't hang up on me...

A Keyrun Rao Original

[Dedicated to all my friends who let me be me, who celebrate me, love me so much and give me enough reasons to hang around here, head held high, without feeling like a worthless pile of bile. Love you all to bits. Thanks for being.]

Don't you please hang up on me
Without you how would I even be
Like a guitar without any strings
Like the darkness the night brings

Like a doomed kid who lost the race
My world would be an empty space
Like a father bereaving his dead kids
Like dumped rotting bunch of orchids

The sun would never shine this side
It would be an eternal downward slide
Days would come & away silently go
Like the routine of a newly wed widow

I am brimming with hope because of you
I am smiling gleefully all thanks to you
I look forward to 'morrow to connect with you
My yesterday was blessed only cuz of you

Don't you dare ever hang up on me
As then the world will never see me
Your life will go on & I'ill wish you good
But I would die happier a soul my dear
If by my side you would have just stood.

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