Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dear Vishal Dadlani, it's too late to quit!

Dear Vishal,

Like millions of your fans, I have been following and loving your work since 'Wo pehli baar,' 'Allah ke bande,' and of course, post 'Jhankaar Beats,' my love for your music was cemented forever. Needless to say, equal credit for the music also goes to your partner-in-crime, Shekhar Ravjiani, as well, but let me save that fanboy story for another day, and immediately get to the point.

Artists who have a vested interest in mainstream Hindi cinema have been forced to keep mum about their political opinion. Then there is another breed like me, who for the longest time either thought politics was either boring or too uncool to even care a damn. Despite the fact that I am an educated Indian, I still don't have a voter's ID, and I haven't cast a single vote yet - I am 36 years old.

I know it's a shame, but you, Vishal, shook me up when you first rose up, and voiced your support for  AAP. Suddenly you made me realise that it is okay to have an opinion, and it is even better if you stand up for what you think is right. There have been many leaders and legends who have been saying this for ages - the same words of wisdom coming from you, made it relevant for many like me.

Anybody who has been following your work and thoughts, on and off social media, will know that you are a bloody hardworking guy, who takes time out and stands for anything and anybody that / who stands for what's fair, reasonable, logical and right. You have been the person who has wit, sarcasm, and a sane (sometimes insane) of putting your thoughts across, irrespective of the outcome.

Your fearlessness has been an inspiration for many like me, who would have otherwise kept shut and go on with their lives. It is all thanks to you that today, I have got to a point where I voice my opinion (on and off social media) and faced the ire of trolls and bhakts, who surprisingly / shockingly existed in my friend list. If not for you and your unique ways to take down your trolls, I wouldn't know how to deal with them - I have learned so much from you.

When I read that you are biting the dust, and crawling back into the voiceless zone, I felt let down by my hero - seriously let down. You have been giving hope and voice to millions like me, and now MY CLIENT WANTS CELLO TAPE BACK. Fuck you, for leaving us all mid way. I really hope you rethink this decision and continue to be the awesome person that you have been. If you decide to go mute, I am sure I will never cast a vote ever in my life.

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