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Sholay review by a soldier of the Indian Army

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As part of grooming of Young Officers, a CO showed them Sholay  and asked them to write a Review on it......
Here is what a bright Spark wrote......

General area Ramgarh was under the Command of Thakur Saab. Thakur Saab had no regular army, instead he lead a group of untrained unmotivated farmers, a transport incharge Basanti, as a Runner he had Ramu Kaka.

This general area Ramgarh faced threat of raids by the Company strength commanded by Gabbar Singh. Gabbar though had a company under his command, yet at any point of time he only had a section strength at his disposal with rest of the men deployed on various missions. As his Scout, he had a well trained Samba who always remembered the count of men. The adm requirements were taken care by Kalia who consumed Namak and Gaali on a regular basis. As recreation activity Gabbar and his troops played troop games and saw cultural items like

1. Where they shot their men and tested their luck factor and called it Goli 6, Aadmi 3.

2. Dance performances by Basanti by keeping her love interest a hostage at gunpoint.

To counter the attack/raids by the troops of Gabbar Singh. Thakur requested for an attachment of Buddy pair from Special Forces who were specially trained with high OQ, named Jai and Veeru. They followed the duties as a buddy pair religiously and on occasions of conflict decided it upon tossing of a coin.

On the first occasion of interaction between these SF men and the Raid party sent by Gabbana, SF men had taken secure tactical positions in Mutual Support and attained total surprise as the raid party had to retreat without accomplishing their primary task of collection of adm stores  forcefully from the people of general area Ramgarh. This retreat hurt Commander Gabbar Singh's ego and as a result he gunned down his three own men while playing the game Goli 6, Aadmi 3. To reply back, Commander Gabbar Singh sent a patrol whose primary task was to find out the strength of the troops employed by Thakur Saab and to make a good attack plan. On observations of the patrol it was decided that a full scale attack be conducted on the Holi day and Commander Gabbar Singh would lead the troops himself, after briefing them. Commander Gabbar Singh's troops attacked general area Ramgarh while the celebrations were going on and there was no one to pass alarm for Stand To, as a result of which Gabbar attained total surprise and had caused chaos among the people of Ramgarh. Because of the high quality of training received by Jai and Veeru and proper employement of Fire and Move tactics the area Ramgarh was saved from major defeat. They fought valiantly in buddy pairs against the 2 sections of Commander Gabbar and prevented any possible loss of life.

As the mission set by Commander was not successfully accomplished, he decided to take transport incharge Basanti as hostage. A rescue team of 2 was sent by Thakur Saab to rescue Basanti. This lead to a full scale combat between the two troops and the ground became of tactical importance when the two troops got separated by a bridge over the river flowing west to east.

Due to lack of proper transport, only 1 could go with Basanti back, and on toss of coin it was decided that Veeru would rescue Basanti and get reinforcements and till then Jai would   stop the enemy troops from charging further ahead by taking defiladed posn behind a rock. After firing a few rounds, Jai went out of ammunition and due to the unavailability of second line of ammunition the tactical importance of the bridge increased and Jai's primary motive became successful demolition of the bridge, which would deny the enemy any advance. Jai had a grenade at his disposal but the grenade malfunctioned and didn't blast, and only last few rounds left with Jai could have fused the bomb on being accurately fired at. Jai being the marksman could shoot the grenade at the exact point which blasted resulting in complete destruction of the bridge. But in the process Jai was severely injured and upon arrival of Veer u became a martyr succumbed to his injuries. This angered Veeru and he headed towards the area where Commander Gabbar's troops were stationed all alone in full Josh and high Morale. With the help of his zeroed weapon Veeru could make proper use of his ammunitions and hold true the slogan "One Bullet, One Enemy" in every engagement. On successfully killing most of the troops of Gabbar he later had to face the challenge of hand-to-hand combat with the well built Commander. Veeru even won this combat all due to his high morale and his training at Special Forces.

Lessons learnt are:
With a zeroed weapon, a reliable buddy and proper training any task can be accomplished.

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